CPA Membership Benefits

The C-PACE Alliance (CPA) invites industry stakeholders who share the CPA’s core principles in its Charter to become members.

  1. Advisory Committee Members receive these benefits for annual dues of $10,000:
    • Quarterly conference calls to share information on the development of C-PACE programs across the country.
    • An open invitation to suggest ideas and initiatives that would attract private investment and foster quality C-PACE transactions.
    • The opportunity to participate on subject-matter working groups that are periodically established to focus the collective efforts of the CPA.
    • Annual in-person meeting.

    The Advisory Group’s monthly agenda includes state-by-state updates. CPA’s website describes its state-by-state activity.

    The C-PACE Alliance forms Working Groups as needed, consisting of Advisory Committee Members with on-topic expertise. The first working group formed to compile the white paper on Elements of a Well-Designed C-PACE Statute and Program. The second working group co-authored the letter commending the practices of the Texas PACE Authority. Future working groups may address topics such as models for Program Administration or voluntary compliance standards.

    The CPA Charter and the best practices documents create the framework for CPA work product. The Advisory Committee seeks to operate by consensus.

  2. Gold Members receive these benefits for annual dues of $5,000:
    • Semi-annual conference calls to receive and share information on C-PACE programs.
    • The opportunity to view and comment on CPA work product prior to publication.
    • An active weblink to member’s website and description of its services on the CPA website.

    Gold members have full access to the CPA’s information and white papers.

    Membership does not confer any legal rights.

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