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The C-PACE industry is making important strides to help commercial property owners reduce their energy and water consumption and make their buildings safer and more resilient. The industry has grown to over $500 million of financings across 1,100+ properties in a short time frame — while reducing millions of tons of future CO2 emissions.

C-PACE is truly a large-scale commercial real estate financing opportunity. As C-PACE reaches its potential, clients will need financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, and brokers with expertise.

C-PACE’s success resulted from a broad-based effort of many advocates and stakeholders, including state and local governments, program administrators, capital providers, property owners, project developers, PACENation, and others. However, the C-PACE industry has lacked a single concentrated effort, founded on shared experiences and values. That’s why we formed a network focused on C-PACE to complement the overall industry leadership of PACENation drawing on these observations:

  • Commercial PACE is distinct from residential PACE, with different customers, different types of financing structures, and a different business model.
  • Commercial buildings account for approximately 25 percent the nation’s primary energy consumption. The sector is ripe for radical transformation – not just to reduce CO2 emissions and improve life-safety building conditions, but to help bolster the bottom line of commercial real estate and small business owners.
  • Specific, common standards in C-PACE origination, underwriting, closing, administration, and securitization are vital to ensuring a vibrant open market for C-PACE financing.
  • State laws and local C-PACE programs can face significant hurdles if they do not adopt best practices in statutory and program requirements, including cost-effective program administration.

We invite you to consider becoming a CPPA member so we can deliver a broad, yet focused, coalition of industry stakeholders who share a common desire to address the challenges of climate change while generating local economic growth and jobs.

Your support dollars will be used only for the efficient execution of our mission. We invite you to support CPA with a two-year financial and involvement commitment. We hope you will consider joining our ground-breaking industry network as a true catalyst to build the C-PACE financing industry – along with all of the tremendous environmental and life-safety benefits that come with it.

Please feel free to contact Cliff Kellogg at

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