Origin Story

C-Pace Origin - Commercial Building

C-PACE Alliance Origin

As more state and local governments embrace C-PACE financing, industry stakeholders are often asked:

  • What works?
  • How does a C-PACE Program optimize its processes?
  • Based on the variety of C-PACE Programs, what are the lessons learned?

Capital Providers are situated with an overall view of individual C-PACE programs because all the local program requirements must be met and processes complete before an investor will commit its private capital to a project. Capital Providers experience the program differences from state-to-state and within a state. After inquiries from many states and localities, a working group of Capital Providers published a best practices paper in 2018, Elements of a Well-Designed C-PACE Statute and Program to Attract Private Capital and Foster Transaction Volume.

The idea of the C-PACE Alliance was born from the encouragement of property owners, state and local government officials, program administrators, service providers, and capital providers interested in accelerating progress in the C-PACE industry.

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