CPA’s Role


C-PACE Alliance’s Role

C-PACE Alliance (CPA) works closely with PACE Nation, the trade association for commercial and residential PACE programs. The CPA appreciates its common interest with PACE Nation in promoting PACE financing, while recognizing that commercial and residential sectors serve very different customers, resulting in unique financing products and business models.

CPA focuses specifically on the interests of commercial PACE stakeholders, with deep technical expertise in the financing and administration of C-PACE transactions that goes beyond the current capabilities of existing organizations.

CPA views C-PACE programs from the transaction level: CPA’s goal is to facilitate higher volumes of quality C-PACE transactions.

CPA members are sensitive to the role of capital markets and the development of a secondary market for C-PACE financial assets.

For this reason, CPA works closely with its members who have specialized expertise and experience. C-PACE programs inherently rely on many stakeholders – state and local government, program administrators, energy contractors, private investors and more. The C-PACE Alliance strategically draws on the input of these experts in developing its products and initiatives.

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