C-PACE Alliance is a network of industry stakeholders committed to achieving Commercial PACE’s potential in energy efficiency, life-safety conditions, economic competitiveness, and private investment.

C-PACE Alliance

The C-PACE Alliance (CPA) believes in the transformative power of C-PACE financing to reduce energy consumption and upgrade the quality of commercial, industrial and multifamily apartment buildings. We believe that C-PACE financing should be easy-to-use and low-cost so that the greatest number of property owners can complete their building improvements.

The CPA represents the interests of capital providers and other stakeholders who share common goals in the design and administration of C-PACE programs. CPA works closely with PACE Nation, the trade association for commercial and residential PACE programs, while recognizing that C-PACE is distinct from R-PACE, with different customers, different types of financing structures, and a different business model.

CPA Alliance Goals

  • Improved energy efficiency, renewable energy deployment, reduced energy consumption, and installation of other building improvements deemed to be in the public interest,
  • Local economic development and vitality,
  • Delivery of long-term, low-cost financing to property owners,
  • Transparency and simplicity of program implementation and administration, and
  • High usage and project volume of C-PACE financing.
Why is C-PACE Popular?

(from www.pacenation.us)

Property owners love PACE because they can fund projects with no out-of-pocket costs. Since PACE financing terms extend to 20 years, it’s possible to undertake deep, comprehensive retrofits that have meaningful energy savings and a significant impact on the bottom line. The annual energy savings for a PACE project usually exceeds the annual assessment payment, so property owners are cash flow positive immediately.

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